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About Us

We strive to help Telecom service providers develop a solid network and performance strategy to be successful in reducing their customer

churn. We will work to improve your network performance by optimizing your network to increase your productivity and customer satisfaction.

“CellWorx delivers everything as  promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”

Chandra anchala


   CellWorx provides consulting services and software solutions to the wireless telecom industry. The fusion of engineering

   and software expertise results in a synergy that is the very essence of CellWorx.

    CellWorx compliments its engineering focus with a broad range of program, project and product management services. We

    blend excellence in selected horizontal disciplines with vertical domain knowledge acquired from decades of experience.

    As ground zero for the wireless industry we don't just provide project managers, we provide wireless project management solutions.

    We guide strategy and development efforts in the product management arena aimed at rolling out new revenue generating services.

    We specialize in RFI/RFP decision support solutions that aids our clients in procurements. Our specialty extends to managing

    carrier-vendor contract  development. Ranging from the initial contract development to contract extensions, CellWorx develops

    Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Scope of Work definition, commercial schedules with acceptance criteria and engineering

    benchmarks to govern all aspects of the client-vendor business relationship.

    CellWorx services include:

  • Architecting integration plans and conducting network impact analysis for data applications
  • Developing engineering requirements for design and development of data applications
  • Building custom data applications in web and mobile development environment
  • Lab and Integration Testing
  • Dedicated Maintenance and Support
  • Developing engineering requirements for the design and development of portal platforms
  • Architecting next generation portals
  • Managing content data platform (presentation deck, content delivery, DRM, caching, and filtering)
  • Lab and Integration Testing of portal platforms Performance, Functionality, and Load.


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