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Mobile Data Platforms & Applications

Mobile data is finally achieving long awaited customer acceptance as carrier data revenues approaches the billion dollar revenue mark.

Future success will be determined by effective development of the mobile data platforms-the complex web of data platforms and applications, content developers, providers and aggregators and equipment and device providers.

The Present approach, a vertical service architecture per service, can no longer keep up with rich new service offerings and customer demand for a compelling user experience.

Carriers are now redesigning their mobile data network infrastructure in preparation for the onslaught of new services to leverage the broadband radio access platforms inherent in 3G and 4G networks.

CellWorx plays a key role in the engineering across the entire mobile data Platforms. Our domain expertise in data platforms, mobile portals, and content management enables service providers to architect their data strategies for maximum value and efficiency.

Our deep understanding of interoperability and connectivity across devices, bearer technology, core enablers, and back-end billing and database systems pays rich dividends as we test, validate and integrate data applications.

Data Applications

 CellWorx collaborates with service providers to improve their Network performance and efficiency of existing mobile data platforms.

We establish benchmarks for key metrics such as throughput, latency, reliability, and cost. We have extensive experience in design and integration of new or upgraded network elements to support the requirements of emerging technologies.

Our experts have worked extensively in the application design and integration of Location Enhanced Services, Streaming Media, Games, MMS, SMS, Messaging, Ringtones and IM.