Network Engineering & Integration

The wireless industry is immersed in next generation technology as it tries to transition from 2G to 3G and 4G, 5G networks.

Spectrum and technology developments such as UMTS HSPA, CDMA EVDO, WiMax and VoLTE will end the Radio Access Network

(RAN) bottleneck as we know it and introduce daunting challenges in network design and migration to stay abreast of broadband

service offerings.

CellWorx remains at the forefront of wireless network engineering and integration. Our RF Engineering teams apply the systems

expertise mastered in 2G and 3G networks to the next generation Radio Access Network, achieving superior results.

Our transport engineering teams lead the way in designing new architectures to address legacy and next generation networks.

Moreover, we excel at integrating what we design, assuring our clients that cost targets are met despite the increasing traffic

demands in the transport network.

Core networks are also in upheaval as packet technologies extend their reach. Architectures, roadmaps and integration plans

must be implemented to support converged services enabled by IP Multi-media Subsystem (IMS) and other packet-driven technologies.

Our Network Engineering & Integration team stands ready to support your needs.

Packet Technologies

Packet technologies are now the dominant force in wireless networks. But don’t confuse that with silent waters. The vortex of packet

technologies is in full bloom and CellWorx engineering is in control.

Our expertise in packet technologies extends to the following areas:

  • IP Network Design Data Engineering: Network Layer Protocol Definition, Mobile IP, IP Roaming
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP): Design and Integration
  • Service Modeling: Demand Analysis & Network Modeling (RAN through Core Network)
  • Route Management: Sub-Network Protocols Analysis, IP Router Configuration
  • Performance Optimization: QoS, Routing Optimization, IP Performance and Resource Management
  • Security and Virtual Private Networks: Needs Analysis, Customization and Solution Integration
  • IMS and Softswitch: Gateway and Server Placement and Dimensioning, Signaling Optimization

IoT- Internet of Things

CellWorx actively involved in rolling out OnStar car connected services in Canada and Europe as a MVNO to provide voice, data,

messaging services, infotainment and WiFi hotspot services on 2G, GPRS/EDGE, 3G, LTE, and IMS using virtual EPC data centers

in Europe and Canada.

CelWorx participated on other OEM's Car Connected services feasibility and trials utilizing  2G/3G, LTE and VoLTE Network.

Transport Engineering

CellWorx peer into the future with rigorous engineering models vital to effective designs. CellWorx engineering leads the industry

in the planning, design and optimization of backhaul and backbone networks. We are strong in efforts to contain what is widely

regarded as the fastest growing operating expense in carrier budgets.

We work closely with our clients addressing the hard issues of today:

  • Integration of 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G into a common transport network
  • Implementation of transport designs to capture cost savings
  • Migration and conversion to all IP networks
  • Development of transport architectures
  • Transport/Telco Hardening and cost effective route diversity
  • Assessment of alternative transport technologies including T1/DS3, fiber rings, metro Ethernet, microwave, LMDS and WiMax.

RF Engineering

CellWorx RF Engineering Group has been playing a key role in the evolution of wireless networks. We ensure the RF component to

carrier networks is designed and optimized to its fullest potential.

Our baseline engineering services include:

  • Network Optimization: Switch Parameters Definition and Tuning, Drive Test and Analysis, Datafill, Frequency and Capacity

          Planning, Switch Performance Analysis

  • RF Network Design: Design Guideline Definition, Link Budget Analysis, Model Calibration, Cell Planning, Capacity and Frequency

          Planning, Regulatory Compliance

  • Network Quality Audits: Performance Analysis, Drive Test Analysis, Customer Care Complaints Analysis, Design Process and

          Methodology Analysis

  • Network Implementation: Site Survey, Drawing Review, Antenna Placement, Inter modulation Analysis.

Mobile Data Platforms & Applications

Mobile data is finally achieving long awaited customer acceptance as carrier data revenues approaches the billion dollar revenue mark.

Future success will be determined by effective development of the mobile data platforms-the complex web of data platforms and

applications, content developers, providers and aggregators and equipment and device providers.

The Present approach, a vertical service architecture per service, can no longer keep up with rich new service offerings and customer

demand for a compelling user experience.

Carriers are now redesigning their mobile data network infrastructure in preparation for the onslaught of new services to leverage

the broadband radio access platforms inherent in 3G and 4G networks.

CellWorx plays a key role in the engineering across the entire mobile data Platforms. Our domain expertise in data platforms, mobile

portals, and content management enables service providers to architect their data strategies for maximum value and efficiency.

Our deep understanding of interoperability and connectivity across devices, bearer technology, core enablers, and back-end billing and

database systems pays rich dividends as we test, validate and integrate data applications.

Data Applications

CellWorx collaborates with service providers to improve their Network performance and efficiency of existing mobile data platforms.

We establish benchmarks for key metrics such as throughput, latency, reliability, and cost. We have extensive experience in design and

integration of new or upgraded network elements to support the requirements of emerging technologies.

Our experts have worked extensively in the application design and integration of Location Enhanced Services, Streaming Media, Games,

MMS, SMS, Messaging, Ringtones and IM.

Software Solutions

While the transformation continues from hardware-based and proprietary to software-based and open - many challenges remain.

Complex architectures, vendor dependencies, and legacy applications clash with new requirements and the need to integrate fast.

Solutions are varied and come in many forms but most are software based - from middleware to API development to new feature

development, testing and integration. Regardless, success in today’s carrier environment is dependent on custom software solutions

that work.

 CellWorx has a highly skilled software solutions team specializing in network engineering. We partner with our clients in a wide variety

 of software development initiatives:

  • Feature development for mission critical applications
  • Engineering tool development
  • Automated test tool development
  • Software testing and integration
  • On-going software maintenance and support of production systems/applications.

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